Australian Equities

Australian Equities

Trade Australian Equities with the confidence, security and peace of mind via your Summit Wealth Management trading account knowing they are held under the Australian CHESS system.

Your Summit Wealth Management trading account offers you the flexibility of trading across the Australian market using a number of methods designed to suit any investor’s experience level.

Enjoy the benefits of live quotes, pricing, market depth and news.  Monitor holdings using interactive charting and conduct your analysis with market indicators, filters and sector analysis. You will have access to detailed views of stocks and the economy and independent research all provided to enable you to make more informed trading decisions.

Clients have the ability to trade using the traditional approach of a phone order or to self-execute directly via their platform. Trading tools such as conditional orders are available to help you stop a loss and smart alerts will help keep you abreast of the market.

The CHESS System

The CHESS (Clearing House Electronic Subregister System) is the electronic computer system used by the ASX  to monitor shareholdings and handle settlement of transactions.

What is your HIN?

A Holder Identification Number. Similar to a bank account number, it is allocated to anyone with shares on the CHESS sub register. Each broker has a unique HIN for each client.

If you transfer all of your broker sponsored CHESS holdings to us at the time of opening your account, you retain the Holder Identification Number (HIN) allocated by CHESS and this will be transferred from your existing broker.

If you transfer only some of your broker sponsored holdings CHESS creates a new holder and you are allocated a new HIN for the securities transferred.