Managed Investment Account Service

Managed Investment Account Service

Managed Investment Account Service (MIAS)


Under a MIAS structure, each client opens an account and subscribes to the investment scheme or model portfolio as described and mandated in the MIAS Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

MIAS Features and Benefits include:

Professional management of an equities portfolio
Transparency and portability of the portfolio
Beneficial ownership of the securities is  held by the investor, who gains tax advantages associated with holdings directly
Ease of administration
Flexibility to adapt the investment portfolio to suit changing market conditions
Cheaper transaction costs

Our most popular investment strategy is –

Summit Wealth Management Growth Model Portfolio


The Growth Model Portfolio invests primarily in equities, otherwise known as stocks or shares, Exchange Traded Funds and Exchanged Traded Options. Our Growth Portfolio employs a top down approach taking into account current economic trends, macro variables such as GDP, Trade Balances, Inflation and Interest Rates.

The portfolio aims to provide investors with the ability to access domestic and international investments. Investing overseas provides opportunities not available in Australia and helps provide diversification to the growth model.


Growth Model Portfolio Quick Facts:

Asset Types: Direct Equities, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) and Exchange Traded Options
Minimum Investment: $50,000
Account Provider: Interactive Brokers
Target Allocation: 70% Growth Assets – 30% Income Assets
Risk Profile: Medium – High
Investment Outlook Term: 3-5 years
Administration Fee: 2.0%
Performance Fee: 20.00% pa (High water mark benched)