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Australian Equities

Trade Australian Equities with the confidence, security and peace of mind via your Summit Wealth Management trading account knowing they are held under the Australian

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) offer investors the ability to access an ever increasing product mix to add to their portfolios. ETF’s now offer access to

Managed Investment Account Service

Managed Investment Account Service (MIAS)   Under a MIAS structure, each client opens an account and subscribes to the investment scheme or model portfolio as

International Equities

Your Summit Wealth Management trading account offers you a competitive edge with access to a broad range of International Markets. International markets offer an investor

Exchange Traded Options (ETO’s)

Exchange Traded Options (Options) are a derivative based asset class that offers investors another way to manage their portfolio. ETO’s offer a number of benefits

Our Rates

Self Execution

$18.70 or 0.25%/per trade
  • +Platform Execution

Full Service

$88 or 1%/per trade
  • +Phone Execution

Rates are based on a equal to or greater principal.

Base rates for each service are a fixed parcel value, once this parcel value is exceeded a percentage basis value will apply to the total consideration of the trade